Still Life

In the present collection, i have dealt with the still life arround my personal life and workplace which everyone has encountered one way or another. They were chosen as my spiritual belongings.

Memories are irrupted in the solitude or vacancy and are either condemned or enlightened with various feelings like respect, recognition, ingrainedness, weariness, routine, fondness, indignation and love. Likewise my mind makes objects a pretext to renew and judge the memories and their images.

What annihilates our loved ones makes us sad. All is formed,  everything such as ”I wish”, ”what shall I do”, ”come back and stay”, ”I want him” or ”I don’t want him”, ”thank you” and ” ok agreed”. However the desire to get them back and keep what it is makes us revive them and prove their everlasting presence by making them as our own.

Objects invaded and stood in line waiting their turn for the records of their memories. Therefore, I tried to predict the future and choose the memories before becoming a memory with a positive and sweet look toward both a past which creates the present and a present which will be the past.